Thursday, September 9, 2010

End of Summer

Well, the summer is kind of winding down, and so we're trying to take advantage of whatever sunshine is still left. Eric and I have recently made a couple of trips up to the SLC area and have enjoyed spending some time around the city and going to Temple Square and things. Parking, we found out, is an absolute disaster anywhere near Temple Square, and the food court at the mall we wanted to go to was equally as frustrating since the mall closes at 5 or 6. What mall does that??? That doesn't even give people time to get off work and go there. Bad business, if you ask me! lol.
Last time we were up in SLC was on Tuesday. We went for the proofing session of the photo shoot I did for the Gold's Gym competition (which was actually something quite fun, despite how completely unnerved I was for it....believe me, you can ask Eric how I was bouncing off the walls! lol). We were able to walk up to The Gateway and enjoy a little stroll around those parts. We also did an impromptu photo shoot around Temple Square and the JS Memorial Building. It was a lot of fun! We even had some random guy that wanted to take our picture with his fancy camera that he was just learning how to use, and boy did he get all into it! He was down on the ground trying to get the right angle and everything. It was great!
Like I said, we've been trying to spend some time outside, so for Labor Day we all went to play tennis and then to play mini golf. It was the girls' first time with the mini golf, and it was quite the learning experience. It took them a while to understand that you can't just pick up the ball and move it, or pick it up and put it in the hole, or that you stick with the same colored ball that you started with and don't switch to hitting someone else's ball just because it's closer to the hole! Haha. Overall, we had a great time though! Needless to say, though, we did not keep score :)