Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chit chats & Tidbits

Hey yo! So it has now officially been one month since the big proposal day and things are just moving forward. We've been covering lots of wedding plans and have a good amount of things figured out. We've tended to keep things pretty simple. Our colors are pretty much crimson red and silver, with what has come to be a good dose of black as well. I think it'll be classy and elegant looking when it's all said and done. I've also found my perfect dress that I just absolutely fell in love with! I never imagined I would actually feel that way about a dress, but I sure enough did. It's a funny thing because I had actually already ordered a dress online, but when Eric and I had been walking bya bridal store and I saw the big mirrors and the pedestal and everything, I decided that I really still wanted to go in and try dresses on, get the whole experience you know, even though I wasn't planning on buying anything. Now the dress I ordered online I had really loved the way it looked, and honestly had no intention of getting anything else. I just wanted the experience. I tried on about 5 dresses just figuring out the way that I would like something to fit. You see, there's those girls that have envisioned every detail of their wedding since they were little and go into an engagement and a wedding knowing exactly everything they want. And I am most definitely not one of those. When, growing up, I thought about getting married, I always just imagined how I was going to feel and how happy I was going to be marrying the person I loved. All the other details never really crossed my mind. And so it was that I didn't really even know exactly what kind of dress I wanted. So after trying on several dresses, it came to THE dress and when I saw it on and could imagine myself all dressed up for my wedding in it, I knew I loved it. Even so, I still refused to buy it because the price was drastically greater than the other one that I had already ordered and still liked, even though after actually trying on dresses I began to gather that I might not like how that dress fit. Eric could tell that I really wanted the dress I tried on, but even so we left the bridal store just as we had come in - empty handed. After that, Eric walked me down to Orange Julius and in the time of the walk, he managed to talk me into going back and getting that dress that he knew I loved. And I have not had a moment of regret or buyer's remorse and can't wait until the dress comes in at the end of September!
It's going to be so exciting to get married up in Washington! But we'll be having a reception down in Utah as well for any friends and family that can't make the trek up to the northwest. The winter weather in Washington can tend to be a little temperamental (and wet!) and so although the wedding is still 5 months away, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate!

Lately we haven't had any big doings going down, but we've just been enjoying time together. We got all registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target and Eric had a lot of fun playing with the handheld barcode scanning machine. It's lucky that some kid passing by didn't get their eyeballs burned with the red laserlight as they walked by us! LOL! But we were able to get all registered without any red scanning laser injury to anyone.
The weather has generally been great so we've been spending a good amount of time out at the pool. As long as we don't lose the pool Eric's apartment complex, as at most complexes, to get inside the gates surrounding the pool, you have to use a key. If we lose the key we have, we can't get into the pool, unless you pay to have it replaced. So we had searched with great diligence to find they key after it had been misplaced when Eric's brother borrowed it. We searched high. We searched low. We turned over couch cushions, went through drawers, looked in the laundry, went through toys....we looked everywhere we could think of. No luck in our search. Eventually, we went ahead and just broke down and bought a new pool key. Sure enough, about two days later, I got a text from Eric saying he found the long lost pool key. It happened to be in the one place that we didn't look.....behind the girls' toy bins in their closet. Now why, oh why, did we not think to look there?! Hmmmm. But now the good thing is we have an extra :)
The extra time in the sun has definitely resulted in some extra sunburns, but that is mostly just speaking for myself. Especially after we went to the waterpark in Lindon. Four hours in the sun will really kind of toast you if you're not wearing any sunscreen! But we had a GREAT time playing in the lazy river, going down the slide, playing in the kiddie pool and just messing around. Kennedy and I went down the waterslide about a dozen times so that Eric could get a picture of Kennedy in mid-air as I threw her into the splash pool at the end, but in the process we ended up getting enough pictures to fill an entire sequence of coming down the slide and landing in the splash pool! It was way good times!
The girls and I have been bonding a bit more as they have developed a liking for sleeping at my house whenever they can. As a matter of fact, that's where they are right now, all cuddled up in my bed. Where do I sleep? Well, I just curl up on the end of the bed, kinda like a dog, and just sleep at the foot of the bed haha! What can I say, I try to treat the girls good, so they get the cozy spot :) Maybe that's why I'm out here typing on a blog instead of in my bed asleep...or should I say, at the foot of my bed asleep lol.
We have had the chance to celebrate a little bit with some birthdays in Eric's family. We went over to his grandparent's house this las tweek because it was both of their birthdays, and it's great to be around Eric's family! They are all great people and I'm loving every chance I have to get to know them more. They are all so kind and welcoming and open, and that's really something I've needed as I'm still trying to adjust with missing my family. I'm loving them and looking forward to marrying into the family for sure. What exciting things lie ahead!!!!!

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  1. We're so excited for you both and can't wait to meet Eric in January!!!