Monday, June 28, 2010

The Girls

For those of you that don't know, these are the girls, Halee and Kennedy. Many of our adventures definitely wouldn't be complete without them.

Halee, the blonde on the left, is the romantic girly girl. The first time I met them, we all played a game of Candyland and Halee was cheering for daddy (Eric) to win. She had decided to sit out that time. She turned to me and asked me if I wanted daddy to win too. Now, I was playing in the game, and being competitive in nature, I of course wanted to win myself. But for the sake of making a good impression, I told her that yes, I wanted her daddy to win. She got all happy about it and then told me she knew why I wanted Eric to win. Because I loved him and was going to marry him. Keep in mind that this was only the second time I had been around Eric!! Haha.

Kennedy, the brunette on the right, is the competitive athlete. During that same game of Candyland, Kennedy was the one smack talking, telling me I was going doooooowwwwn! She takes no prisoners, believe me! The only time she'll run to hold my hand is when I'm beating her up the stairs and she wants to keep me from winning!

Halee and Kennedy just turned 5 in March. That's right...although they may not exactly look it, they are twins!!! I believe Halee is older by a whole minute! They are probably the smallest, lightest five year olds I've ever seen, but that makes it easier for all the piggy back and shoulder rides they always want :)

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