Monday, June 28, 2010

The Story of Us

Eric and I agree that our story is one that is, simply put, the most amazing EVER!!! Neither of us had any idea where things might possibly go when back in August of '09 I got an email from the fellow named Eric Brady. Sure, the name was cute enough, but why was this guy sending me an email? Well, Eric and I happened to be on the same dating sight and his interest was piqued when he saw that I lived in Vancouver, WA, his old high school home.

So yes, it's true....we met online! GASP! Dun dun dun.....

I don't know about Eric, but I swore I would never do the whole online thing. It a
lways seemed kinda hokey to me. I also swore I would never live in Utah. Yet here I am. Hmmmm.....I see a trend developing here. Well, in keeping with this trend, I swear I'm never gonna marry Eric!! Haha :) We'll see how that one pans out.....

Anyway, as fate would have it, Eric and I happened to cross paths on the cyber highway. The planets were aligned, the stars were shining, the clock was at 11:11....or something of the like. However it happened that we initially saw each other online, things just took off from there. NOT!

After exchanging several general and fun emails, we fell out of touch. Now, I'll take the blame on this. I was the one that didn't write back. Shame shame shame, I know. But
in my defense, Eric was starting to, or was already in the process of dating someone at the time. And we'll just leapfrog all of the details of that. On to the better stuff!

A couple of months went by before Eric and I had the chance of crossing paths again. D
uring the short duration of our email communications, we had become Facebook friends. Because everyone knows it's not official until it's of Facebook! So cyber-officially, we were friends. Even though we'd never exchanged a text or phone call or anything besides the few emails. So it was in the beginning of November or so (I don't remember exactly....I'll change it if Eric can remember when) that I happened to be on Facebook and saw that Eric was on as well. In all our loooooong months of friendship (all two or three of them) I had never seen him on facebook. And so I thought to myself "I would like to message this young lad." But alas, I convinced myself that he would think it was weird because he probably wouldn't even remember me.

However, I gave myself a little pep talk, and decided to go ahead and message him. So I threw caution to the wind and typed those fateful words "Hey, how's it going? You probably don't even remember me."

But beyond all belief, Eric remembered me! Or so he said.....we chatted for a few minutes before he had to go. He gave me his phone number and told me to feel free to text him anytime. And then he signed off. So although I had reinitated contact with Eric via my brave fac
ebook message, the ball was once again in my court because I had his phone number and he did not have mine. I thought to myself that I would like to text him the next day, but no, that would just be weird. Wouldn't it? I would look desperate. Wouldn't I? So I convinced myself to wait until after the weekend to text Eric, so as not to appear stalkerish or anything. And with that decision, I took that ball that had been in my court, and I dropped it. Because it turns out I totally forgot about it after that day. Once again, shame shame shame.

Weeks later, I happened upon Eric's name in my phone when I was looking for something else and I thought to myself "Well, I can't text this young buck now. I'm sure he would just think it was a
ll kinds of weirdness for me to text him after so long. Too late." But once again, I rallied my courage and decided to send a little text, even though he had probably already forgotten me by that point. To my surprise, he replied before long. And that's how it all really started. From that day on, our texting jumped through the roof. First time in my life that I had more than 10,000 texts in one month. Sickening, I know. But that's how we started to get to know one another. Eric would work nights and I would try to stay up with him because we would just text back and forth all night.

In December, I went to New York and Ireland, and so Eric and I were out of touch for a while, and it was really during that time that I realized how much I enjoyed him. And I missed hearing from him terribly. It also didn't hurt that the night before I left, Eric had told me that he liked me and thought he was falling for me. But here's the catch in all of this.....we had never talked on the phone! We had talked (or, I guess, texted) about it....wondering what each other sounded like and everything. But I think both of us wanted the other to call first. And neither of us wanted to be the one to call! LOL

As it turned out, in January I came down to Utah with my brother for a wedding he was attending. My point in coming was to see Eric. So we FINALLY met. And it was wonderful. We chatted for hours. And everything just seemed to be easy.

From that point on, things have just worked out in amazing ways. Everything fell into place, and that's how we now find ourselves currently living 1 1/2 miles apart in Pleasant Grove, UT. Although I swore I would never live in Utah, I found something that enticed me beyond resistance to pull up my roots in Washington and pack it all down here. So far, so good. However, we can't say yet if things are going to ultimately work out. At least not officially. Not yet :)

And there's no doubt that our continued story will be just as amazing as the beginning.

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