Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mid Winter Tales

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!!! Throughout my life I've had exactly ONE white Christmas, and most of the time I have always thought how great, and how proper, it would be to have a white Christmas. Well, the one, and now it appears to be two, white Christmases I've had in my lifetime have pretty much squelched any further desire for white Christamses. The first was two years ago, and we had 23" of snow at my house, which on Christmas day, caused the roof of my grandpa's barn to cave in and destroy the building. And today marked what is likely to be my second white Christmas....unless we can escape from Utah like we planned!!!! Like a thief in the night, a five to six inch thief, the snow has come to try and thwart our travel plans to spend the Christmas holiday with my family in Washington. I might have to live up to my claim that I would drive through 20 feet of snow to see my family for Christmas!!! Yikes! lol. We will see if we make it back alive.......
The last few months have been busy with wedding plans, the girls' school, excitement and wedding plans. A few of the highlights:
***Less than three weeks from now, Eric and I will be MARRIED!!!!!
Three weeks from now we will be on a cruise and officially have those wedding rings on our fingers. I'm going to put Eric's ring in his stocking for Christmas....now, some might say he shouldn't have it before the wedding, but he's the one that picked it out so it's not like any big surprise what it looks like!
***A week and a half ago Eric's cousin Alicia and Eric worked to set up a surprise bridal shower for me, and it was an absolute blast!!!! I was blown away, and a few tears might have run down my cheek at having people here that care about me. Well done! to my new cousin for her efforts, to my almost new husband for his ability to carry out the surprise, and to Halee and Kennedy for not spilling the beans
***Halee and Kennedy got their room decorated for a Christmas present, so that now it looks like a "girl" room. After repeated complaints at how ugly their old room was, Eric and I decided to surprise them with an upgrade! And you know they loved it when Halee said that it was such a great room that she'd never ask us for food again!!!! Haha
***During the month of December I moved! Eric will follow when we get married, but for now it's really fun having a place to decorate and feel like home. And I may or may not have gone on some crazy Christmas decoration shopping spree in order to make things look a little more festive. Did I buy a santa and snowman salt and pepper shaker? Who wouldn't?! is more the question that you should be asking. And there might be a Santa figure gracing the table that would make my grandmas's santa collection proud. For the most part it is a great place to be.....on the other hand, the pilot light of the water heater going out has proved to be a bit of a nuisance
***Eric and I had our own early Christmas. In a very unplanned occurrence, while Halee and Kennedy were with their mom, Eric and I exchanged and opened all of our gifts. It was a lot of fun, and since we were planning on having an early Christmas anyway before we went to Washington, we didn't see any harm. However, I still wanted to have something for Eric to open on Christmas, so I went out and got a couple more things. Incidentally enough, those gifts did not make it to Christmas. They only made it until Eric got home from work that same day!!! I admit, I am an anxious gift giver and have a hard time holding off, although I usually do pretty good at Christmas. So once again, Eric has nothing to open on Christmas, so I might have to go out and remedy that situation.....hopefully I can hold out on giving him the gift for one day! LOL
***At the Williams' family Christmas party, Eric was a bingo winner, which if you know Eric, is a VERY big deal because nothing puts a smile on his face quite like winning something.....even if it's only a game of chance. Just don't mention the fact that the bingo game continued until EVERYONE won something....haha ;)....however, to his credit, Eric did win the finale game of blackout, so go on you sweetheart! You make me so proud! :)
***In November it was my birthday, and I found out that Eric is an anxious gift giver as well, as he gave me presents a week before my birthday! But I must say, he is an excellent gift giver and everything he has given me, pretty much ever, I have absolutely loved! He knows me well.
*In October we went to Cornbellys and went through the corn maze. Eric and I split up and I took Kennedy with me and Eric took Halee with him. We wanted to race to see who could get through the maze first. Well, I must say, I expected the maze to be complicated and misleading and tricky, and so Kennedy and I wound up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the field. Eric just took the logical turns that seemed too easy to actually be the right way, and sure enough, he got out about 10 minutes before me and Kennedy. Shoot!
***In mid-October Eric got in a car accident and totalled his Audi....sad day for him because he loved that car. Sad day for me because Eric was hurt! He did get some stitches and possibly a fractured/broken nose, but it all turned out okay in the end. Now you'd never know he'd gotten hurt, except for a slightly less than straight nose. But that's what we call personality :)
***We attended Eric's brother's, Matt's, wedding to Jessica. It was beautiful and fun. Only problem was, it was earlier in that same week that Eric had his car accident and the swelling of his lip made some say that he looked like a turtle when he smiled in the pictures. Jason and Matt had a hard time supressing would could only be termed as giggles when they would see their older brother with his smile. Would I be a bad fiance to say that he kind of DID look like turtle? ;) But a very cute turtle that I love very much, mind you! "Tuuuuurtle....tuuuuuurtle.....am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?" hehehe

Now it's just a countdown until the wedding!!!!! Can't believe it's so close, after what seems like so long! Wish us luck! :)

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