Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spring to Summer Recap - Part I

So to get things more or less caught up, we need to start with last spring. The girls finished up kindergarten and had their first of many graduations to come. They did so good in all their parts and singing their songs and did all their gestures perfectly in singing along with songs like "This Land is My Land". We were so proud!
The little graduates
Afterwards everyone shared in cookies and juice while Halee ran around trying to chase down her crush so that she could get a picture with him. It was like Mission: Impossible. I watched as she tried to approach him each time and just as she would get ready to talk to him, he would walk away to do something or talk to someone. It was nothing he was doing on purpose, he just wasn't seeing Halee. I'm hoping that this would help Halee realize that she doesn't need to invest a lot of time and energy into worrying about liking boys when she's only 6 years old!! But lo and behold, just like last year she has a multiple little boys she is crushing on again this year. She'll learn lol.
The girls have started first grade this school year and have been loving it. Their teacher, during our initial encounter did not leave a fantastic impression as she seemed a little adrift. Not to mention that Eric dubbed her "Shrek's Grandmother"....jsut because she seemed a little....ogre-ish haha. But since that time as we have had more contact with her we have found her a very capapble and kind teacher. The girls are doing well in her class.
Now, returning to the past......over the summer Eric introduced me to the world of fishing. I don't really remember having gone fishing since I caught my first fish, a time during which my excitement resulted in my dear fish having his eyeballs squeezed right out of his head! But I am happy to report that on mine and Eric's fishing adventures, all of my fishs' eyeballs stayed in tact.
Eric with one of his many fish
Me trying to catch something to keep up with Eric
The only unfortunate catch we had was one poor little fish that just didn't recover quick enough from being caught and went belly-up sporadically in between attempts to swim back out to the deeps. One of his belly-up episodes was just a titch too long for the quick and hungry eyes of a passing seagull. The great circle of life in action.
On the upside, we did encounter a river otter that was spying on us from between the rocks. For anyone that tries to lure an otter closer, a quick, Nacho-Libre-like chip throw doesn't do the trick. Maybe the otter didn't like chips?
I'm also happy to report that thanks to the good luck that I bring Eric, he caught his largest fish ever up at Strawberry. However, my luck was not so great because it seems like the general ratio of caught fish was 6 of Eric's to every 1 of mine. Nonetheless, I had an absolute blast and I see lots of fishing in mine and Eric's future. The girls love to go fishing too, but they will have to wait a few more years to develop the mountain goat-like skills needed to slip and slide your way down to the secret spots along Strawberry.
Climbing down to the water to fish
Eric's goal now is to get a go at fly fishing, so I expect we'll have some good adventures with that as well!
There's still more to cover from the summer, but it's hard to recap 10 months in a way that do them justice, because our life has been pretty awesome. There'll be more to come!

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